Siri Dahl, Ariel Demure - Bird Watching [FullHD 1080P]

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19 July 2023
Ariel Demure, a birdwatcher, treks through the wilderness, her binoculars ready to catch sight of whatever rare birds may flutter into view. Today, however, she stumbles upon a very different sort of bird. An origami bird, to be exact... placed inside a makeshift nest with a few others. What a strange sight... Curious, Ariel makes a note to come back to this spot to see who's putting them there.

A few days later, Ariel lays in wait, her binoculars aimed at the origami bird nest. To her amazement, Siri Dahl appears and goes to place another origami bird into the nest. It almost looks like it's a sort of ritual. Over the next few days, Ariel keeps spying Siri putting more birds inside the nest, wondering more and more what Siri's story could be. And then, on one fateful day, Ariel is discovered by Siri, who invites her to her cabin so that she can explain what this origami business is all about.

At Siri's cabin, Siri explains how the nest is her way of honoring her late girlfriend, who used to love birds. Siri created this ritual as a way to honor her. Ariel is moved by Siri's story, and the two of them bond over their shared appreciation for nature. They seem to have a lot more in common than expected, and Siri hints that she'd be willing to give love a second try... if Ariel is up for it, of course.

Name roliks: Siri Dahl, Ariel Demure - Bird Watching
Genre: Transsexual, Feature, Hardcore, All Sex
Year: 2023