Brittney Kade, Madison Morgan & Wolf Hudson - Menage A Trans #09 [FullHD 1080P]

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23 July 2023
Madison Morgan arrives at her friend Brittney Kade's house and gives her a big hug. It's been SO LONG since they've seen each other- now they FINALLY get to spend some quality time together and catch up! As Brittney escorts Madison into her new home, Madison is positively WOWED by what she sees. Seems like Brittney's new boyfriend, Wolf Hudson, treats her pretty well, huh?

In the next room, Wolf is hanging out and watching some TV. Brittney brings Madison inside and introduces them to each other, and there are instant sparks between the two. Wolf's heard so much about Madison- it's great to finally be able to put a face (and body) to her name. His relationship with Brittney has been going so well, and he's thankful to be able to meet her longtime friend in the flesh.

Brittney and Wolf give Madison the tour of the rest of the house and then end up sidled together on the living room couch. Brittney and Wolf can't keep their hands, and lips, off of each other, and their eyes keep drifting over to Madison, who's sitting patiently near them. Before long, it becomes clear why Wolf and Brittney have been looking forward to her arrival- they want to have a threesome with her. In fact, they've wanted their FIRST threesome with a cis woman to be with Madison since the very beginning. Madison is thrilled, and can't WAIT to have BOTH their cocks in her mouth

Name roliks: Brittney Kade, Madison Morgan & Wolf Hudson - Menage A Trans #09
Genre: Transsexual, Gonzo, Hardcore, All Sex, Anal
Year: 2023