Casey Calvert, Kasey Kei - MUSES: Kasey Kei [FullHD 1080P]

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27 April 2023
As a way to honor those who we feel have stood out as ambassadors of our brand, we are launching an exclusive series on Transfixed called MUSES where each month we unveil a new MUSE and a luxury scene we've developed together. We are proud to announce that Kasey Kei is our April 2023 MUSE. As a Japanese American, I've always been inspired by the beauty and elegance of traditional Japanese culture, particularly when it comes to erotica. So when I was asked to be part of Bree Mills and Stella's production for Muses, I knew immediately that I wanted to showcase my roots and pay homage to this culture. The theme of the scene was centered around traditional Japanese aesthetics, with a set design that transported me to Japan. Wearing a traditional kimono, I felt truly beautiful and authentic. Casey Calvert, my scene partner, also embraced the theme by being covered in sushi which was amazing. Together, we were able to bring this scene to life and create something truly special that celebrates my Japanese culture. This scene was incredibly special to me because it allowed me to showcase my Japanese roots in a way that felt authentic and true to myself. As a performer, it can be challenging to find opportunities to explore your cultural identity on camera, so I'm grateful to Bree Mills and Stella for giving me that chance. This experience has shown me that there is a place for performers of all backgrounds in the porn industry, and that diversity and representation are important not just for performers, but for viewers as well. When I think about what I hope viewers take away from this scene, I really want them to appreciate the beauty of traditional Japanese culture and the creativity and artistry that went into creating it. But more than that, I hope they can see the joy and passion that Casey and I put into this scene, and that they can feel that same sense of connection and authenticity that we felt on set. As a performer, my goal is always to create something that is both erotic and meaningful, and I believe that this scene achieves that in a way that is truly unique.' - Kasey Kei

Name roliks: Casey Calvert, Kasey Kei - MUSES: Kasey Kei
Genre: Shemales, Transsexual, Ladyboy, Feature, Hardcore, All Sex
Year: 2023