Lauren Phillips, Coco Lovelock, Kasey Kei - More Lotion, Please [FullHD 1080P]

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1 July 2023
Lauren Phillips and Coco Lovelock are sunbathing by the pool when they decide to take their bodies out of the sunlight and into the water. They dip their toes in to check the temperature and then slide inside, coming together in the middle of the pool for an impromptu makeout session. But Coco's a little worried- what if their masseuse comes out and catches them? Lauren chuckles and tells her not to worry about it- it's probably nothing they haven't seen before. Lauren and Coco start frolicking in the water, kissing each other more deeply and sensually touching each other's breasts. Before long, they've taken their bikini tops off and have started suckling on each other's nipples. But just as things are getting REALLY steamy, they are interrupted by Kasey Kei, their masseuse. Their massage room is ready for them! Later in the massage room, Lauren and Coco are visibly embarrassed at having been caught. To their luck, however, Kasey isn't one to judge and as she massages both women, she offers to make things more interesting by giving them a happy ending. Lauren and Coco are grateful and eager to turn their couple's massage into a steamy threesome.

Name roliks: Lauren Phillips, Coco Lovelock, Kasey Kei - More Lotion, Please
Genre: Transsexual, Feature, Hardcore, All Sex
Year: 2023