Ariel Demure - Cater-Waiter Quickie [FullHD 1080P]

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2 September 2023
Two cater-waiters, Ariel Demure and Ashley Stones, work side-by-side as they prepare a venue. As they dip and weave around each other, Ashley is especially drawn to Ariel, unable to keep his eyes off her.

A short while later, Ariel goes outside and leans against the building, taking a short break. She's soon joined by Ashley, who turns on the charm as he flirts with her while using the cheesiest pickup lines he can muster. Ariel is bemused by him, sarcastically putting down his attempts but clearly endeared by his humor.

Finally, she tells him that while she'd NEVER in a MILLION YEARS date a coworker, she'd FUCK one. Ashley is delighted and unable to believe his luck as he insists that he's fine with that and knows where they can go for a quickie. When Ashley turns to show her the way, Ariel eagerly and confidently follows to make the most of their short break.

Name roliks: Ariel Demure - Cater-Waiter Quickie
Genre: Transsexual, Feature, Hardcore, All Sex, Anal
Year: 2023